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Superstore Releases
  Superstore Releases
  Superstore Releases

October 24, 2008
Superstore Deal Ratified for
locations outside of
Edmonton and Calgary...                                             more>>>

October 14, 2008
Superstore and Liquor store Offer and Strike
Vote meetings and times
scheduled Province wide                                          more>>>

October 8, 2008
Edmonton and Calgary Superstore 
employees both accept offer!                                  more>>>

October 4, 2008
Possible Superstore & Liquorstore Settlement
Urgent Meetings & Votes!!!           Edmonton vote...more>>>  
                                                            Calgary vote...more>>>

October 2, 2008

September 30, 2008
Bargaining Scheduled ? but Union not Optimistic            more>>>

September 25, 2008
Union calls for Superstore
negotiations to avoid a strike!                                             more>>>

September 24, 2008
Calgary Superstore Employees Vote to Strike                more>>>

September 22, 2008
Superstore Edmonton Strike Deadline set                      more>>>

September 17, 2008
Calgary Strike Vote Scheduled                                          more>>>

September 16, 2008
Calgary Superstore Vote
on the Offer - Tuesday, September 23, 2008                  more>>>

September 11, 2008
94% Strike Vote in Edmonton                                           more>>>

September 9, 2008
Results from Yesterday....
Edmonton Superstore Employees Reject Offer!!!
Strike Vote Tomorrow!                                                     more>>>

September 3, 2008
Edmonton Strike Vote Scheduled!                                 more>>>
August 27, 2008
Edmonton Vote on Monday, September 8, 2008          more>>>

August 19, 2008
Edmonton Superstore Mediation Completed              more>>>

July 23, 2008
Company Makes First Offer!                                             more >>>

June 30, 2008
Superstore and Liquorstore mediation
commences in July                                                              more>>>

June 10, 2008
Strike Alert!:
Union Applies for Mediation ... Superstore Responds   more>>>

May 28, 2008
Union Demands End to Superstore and
Liquor store Payroll Negligence!...                                      more>>>

April 24, 2008
Union Urges Superstore to Invest
in its Employees and Stores!                                               more>>>

April 21, 2008
Staff Discount at Superstore?

March 12, 2008
Beards at Superstore                                                            more>>>

March 11, 2008
A Militant Approach
Superstore Negotiations Update                                         more>>>

January 14, 2008
Superstore goes to Labour Board to prevent
mediation and strike vote
Bargaining Update                                                                   more>>>

December 5, 2007
Customer and employee "abuse" are issues
at Superstore negotiations!
Bargaining Update                                                                     more>>>

November 15, 2007
Superstore and Safeway Union members
poised to fight to improve industry:
Union Power Shows in Fort McMurray!                              more>>>

October 19, 2007
Superstore Provides Union with Comprehensive Offer
Bargaining Update                                                                   more>>>

October 5, 2007
Strike Vote Coming at Superstores!                                   more>>>

Bargaining Continues at Superstore                                   more >>>

Bargining Continues at Superstore...                                  more >>>

June 6, 2007
Bargining Continues at Superstore...                                  more >>>

Superstore pays its president $22 million dollars to leave.  
                                                                                                    more >>>

Superstore backs off on another attack on employees -
but continues with outrageous demands!                        more >>>

Bargaining Update!                                                                  more >>>

Real Canadian Superstore and Liquorstore Negotiations Underway.         
                                                                                                    more >>>


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